Q: Why my wireless adapter repeatedly connects/disconnects with the wireless router every few seconds. My wireless network uses WPA/WPA2 encryption.


In the situation that your wireless network has wireless security protected, the wireless adapter on the computer needs to use the exactly passphrase in order to connect to your wireless network.

Usually the repeatedly connect/disconnect symptom is caused by wrong WPA/WPA2 passphrase. While trying to connect, the wireless adapter uses wrong passphrase to connect with the wireless router. It stays in disconnected mode for a few seconds then try to reconnect by using the same WPA/WPA2 passphrase. The connect/disconnect behavior is repeated every few seconds.

Please note your WPA/WPA2 passphrase is case sensitive. If you are not sure about your passphrase, youíd better use another computer which can connect to the wireless router then login to the routerís configuration page to verify the wireless security setting.

You can re-enter the same WPA or WPA2 passphrase in the routerís configuration page. Apply the settings in the router. That will make sure your router use the right passphrase.

Other possible solutions are,
1. In your wireless routerís security settings, select the highest security option Ė WPA2 AES. Do not select the option of WPA/WPA2 mixed mode.
2. Use lower case alphabet letters and numbers as your WPA2 AES passphrase.
2. Setup the WPA2 AES security passphrase as exactly 13 characters long.


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