Q: When I connect to my wireless network, I was asked for a Network Key. What is a Network Key?


The network key is the security passphrase of your wireless network.

If you ever setup a passphrase in your wireless router to protect your wireless network not being used by others, you will be prompted for the network key. Without entering the correct network key, the wireless adapter has no way to connect to your wireless network to get on Internet.

Please check your notes that you may write down while you setup your wireless router. Some wireless routers may have setup the security for you and you may find a secuirty key sticker on the side of your wireless router.

If you can not find the secuirty key or passphrase at all, you will need to login to the router's configuration page. Go to the Wireless Security Setup page. You may find your wireless security key viewable. Or you can setup a new passphrase key. Should you have trouble finding the security key, please contact the manufacturer of your wireless router. They can assist you find the wireless security network key that you setup in the wireless router.


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