Q: The software in the CD disk of EW-7811Un cause problems of my Windows XP or Windows 7. How can I load the driver without loading the software from the CD disk?


Uninstall the Edimax Nano Wireless Utility if it has been installed to your computer. Restart the computer.

If possible, have your computer connect to Internet by ethernet cable connection. Windows computers will detect the new hardware and ask for the driver. Let it search updated driver from Internet and load the driver automatically. After the wireless driver is installed, you can use the Windows build-in wireless configuration to connect to the wireless network.

To get into the Windows wireless connection function, click on the Start button. For Windows XP, go to Run. Enter "ncpa.cpl". Click OK. For Windows 7 or Windows Vista, go to "Search programs and files" enter "ncpa.cpl". Hit Enter key. Right click on the Wireless Network Connection icon and click on "Search available wireless network" or "Connect/Disconnect" to view and connect to your network.

Please note that Windows XP computers need Service Pack 3 in order to connect to a WPA2 enabled wireless network.


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