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Dual-WAN Broadband Router

  • Aggregate Bandwidth
  • Mix DSL and Cable broadband line
  • Failover between WAN lines
  • Load Balancing between WAN lines
  • T1 alternative



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Increasing Internet Speed is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2

The advent of widespread broadband accesses makes the business case, that two links is better than one…in fact, the more the better.  With multiple WAN connections and the BR-6524 and BR-6541, you will get the effective addition of the combined speeds for all users.  You will also get a redundant, fault-tolerant, and fail-over capability to insure that you will have continued Internet access when one of the ISP’s link is down.  To some businesses this reliable connection is vital because the downtime of even just a few minutes is equal to quite a bit of revenue loss.

In addition to the standard features of a professional grade router, our BR-6524 and BR-6541 has the following exclusive features:

  • More than 2 WAN ports (model BR-6541)

  • Load balancing based on the WANs’ speed

  • Quality of Service (QoS) control

  • Email alert.

  Key Features 

Features and Benefits - Multi-Homing

Multiple WAN Ports  

 Aggregate bandwidth by combining 2  WAN lines

DSL or Cable  

 Mix DSL and Cable modem broadband lines
Failover    Failover between WAN ports for un-interrupted connection
Load Balancing    Distributed over the dual WAN ports  
20Mbps Data Rate    High WAN to LAN throughput 

T1 alternatives  

 Take advantage of the low-cost DSL & cable modem

 Features and Benefits - Router

Internet Sharing  

 Support up 253 users to share 2 WAN lines
DSL & Cable    Internet access via DSL or Cable Modem
Advanced Features    Special applications support for Internet games, telephony,     video conferencing, etc.  
   Virtual Server for setup local web, email, FTP servers
   Address mapping let local IP mapped to different public IP


 Block users' access of internet 
   Block users' access of specific web sites 
   Control users' internet access days & times
   URL blocking by address or keywords
   Intrusion Detection with Email alert
   DMZ re-direct all packets from WAN port to specific local IP  
   Natural firewall by NAT (Network Address Translation)

QoS Bandwidth Control

 Prioritize service by classifying packets
  Router Status Monitoring    DHCP Client and security log  
   Device/Connection Status
Remote Management  Configure and upgrade from remote site via internet
Professional Capability  Router configuration backup, recovery and reset 

Friendly Interface

 Web-based GUI for configuration and management


 Built-in DHCP server configuring  IP address automatically

VPN Support

 VPN Pass Through


  Automatic configuration between router and applications

LAN Ports  

 4 10/100Mbps LAN ports   


    • CPU: ARM 7 RISC Processor
    • Flash : 1 MB (Operating System and Application Core)
    • Throughput : 20 Mbps
    • WAN Ports : 2 x 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet
    • LAN Port : 4 x 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet
    • Power : 12V/0.5A DC Linear Power Adaptor
    • Dimension : 30(H)*187(W)*100(D) mm
    • Weight : 270 g
    • Temperature : 10~55 Degree C
    • Humidity : 0-90% (Non-Condensing)
    • Certification : FCC Class B, CE Mark , C-Tick

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