Quick installation guide for Edimax Router


Step by step

Step one : Cabling installation
1.  Connect the WAN port to the modem.
2.  Connect the LAN port (either port 1, port 2, port3 or port 4) to the PC. (please refer the figure below.)

Step two : Configure your PC to receive the IP from the router.

Step three : Power on the networking devices

1.  power off the modem, Edimax router and your PC.
2.  power on the modem.
3.  power on the Edimax Router.
4.  power on your PC.

Step four : Easy configuration on the Edimax router.

1.  Open the Internet browser, enter the IP of the Edimax router and the user name, password. 
2.  Click
"General set up"
Choose the WAN type.

Please refer to your ISP about the WAN type. The following is the setup example for PPPoE WAN.

4. Enter the related PPPoE information and leave the others blank.

5. Finshed and enjoy your Internet journey.