FAQ for Wireless Network Connection in Windows XP

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Q.  I got below screen and no wireless network can be found.

The above screen is obtained from Network Connections in Control Panel by double clicking on Wireless Network Connection.

The reason why Windows can not configure the wireless network connection is because you have installed the wireless utility provided by us and that wireless utility is enabled.  Look at your windows task bar, you may find an icon for the utility of Ralink, Zydas, or Realtek RTL8180, depends on the model of your wireless network adapter.

In WinXP, you can either use the Windows Zero Configuration or use the Wireless Utility of the wireless adapter.  While the Wireless adapter utility is enabled, the Windows Zero Configuration will not function and give you the message instead.  That is why you received the above screen saying "Windows can not configure wireless connection".

If you.prefer not to use the utility provided by the wireless network adapter and you would like to use the XP Windows Zero Configuration, you can do so.

1.  Right click on the Wireless Utility icon (Ralink, Zydas, or Realtek) on your task bar..
     If you see an option "use Windows as the Configuration utility", select it.
     After you right click on the Wireless Utility icon, you'll see the option "Exit".  Click on Exit.  This will close the wireless utility and delete the utility from the task bar.

2,  Go to the Network Connection window which you see the Wireless Network Connection icon. 
     You may refer the second screen shot above.

3.  Right click on Wireless Network Connection, select Properties.

4.  Go to Wireless Network tab.
     Put a check on the box "Use Windows to configure my wireless network setting".
     Click OK.

5.  Go back to the Network Connection window.  Double click on the Wireless Network Connection icon.  Or you can right click on Wireless Network Connection and select the option "View available wireless network conneciton"

You will get below screen.

In a few seconds, Windows will display the available wireless network for you to connect

High light your wireless network and hit on "Connect" button.
It shows "Acquiring Network Address".  Then shows "Connected"
Click the X on the right corner to close this window.

6.  You should see the Red X on the Wireless Network Connection is gone.

7.  Open your Web Browser and check whether you can browse Internet.

If you want to switch back and use the Wireless Adapter utility rather than the Windows Zero Configuration, you can go to the Properties of Wireless Network Connection and uncheck the box of "Use windows to configure my wireless network settings" under the Wireless Networks tab.  Then click on Start -> All Programs -> Find the Wireless Utility for your wireless network adapter and run it.  Most Wireless adapter utility provide a "Site Survey" function for you to scan available wireless network.