How to access the configuration page of Access Point

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This article applies to all Edimax Access Point including EW-7416APn, EW-7416APn v2, EW-7228APn EW-7209APg, EW-7206APg, EW-7203APg, EW-7206APB.

Problem:  While I type in to access the access point, I got "The Page Can not be Displayed".  What can I do?

Answer: You need to make your computer in the same IP network with 192.168.2.x.  By default, Access Point is not a DHCP server and will not issue IP address to your computer. Therefore, you need to assign a static IP address to your computer.

  1. Please use an ethernet cable to connect a wired computer to the LAN port of Access Point.

  2. Go to your Windows computer, click on Start. If it is a Windows XP, click on Run.  If it is a Windows 7/Vista, click on the box "Searh programs and files".
    Type in "ncpa.cpl" hit the Enter key  You will get the Network Connection window. Right-click on Local Area Connection, Click on Properties.

  3. If your have Windows XP, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click on Properties. If you have Windows 7/Vista, double click on Internet Protocol Ver4.

  4. Select the option "Use the Following IP Address", enter and subnet mask is  The 192.168.2.x IP address is a must in order to access router default IP

  5. Click OK button twice to save the setting and exit the Local Area Connection Properties. 

  6. Open Internet Explorer, at the address bar, type and press Enter.

  7. It prompts for username and password.  The default username is admin.  The password is 1234.  Click on Login.  You will get the configuration page of the Access Point.

  8. If you can not get the login page or if you get the login page but username admin and password 1234 failed, you can reset the router to factory default by  pressing the Reset button at the back of Access Point for 15 seconds.  This will erase all the setting in Access Point and restore the factory default.

  9. After login to the Access Point, you can change its settings.  You can go to System Utility setting and change the IP address of Access Point to be in the same network with your network.  You also can go to Wireless Setting and change the default SSID.

  10. While you finish the setup, you'll need to change your TCP/IP Protocol setting back to the option "obtain an IP address automatically".