EW-7416APn or EW-7228APn setup wizard says the password 1234 is not correct

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Question: I run the setup wizard program from the CD disk of wireless Access Point. It detects the access point and asks for the password. I enter the default password 1234 but its says the password is incorrect. What should I do?


Do the following in your computer:
1. If it is Windows XP, click on Start, click on Run, enter "ncpa.cpl" hit ok.
If it is Windows 7 or Windows Vista, click on Start, click on "Search programs and files". Enter "ncpa.cpl" hit Enter.
2. You are in the Network connection window. If you see the Wireless Network Connection icon, right click on it and left click on "Disable". That will disable the wireless network connection. Later on, when you are ready to turn on Wireless connection, right click on "Wireless network connection" then click on "Enable".
3. Connect your computer to ethernet port of wireless access point by using an ethernet network cable. Power on the wireless access point if you have not done it.
4. Run the setup wizard from our CD disk. You should be able to login with the password 1234.

If the above does not help, please push the WPS/Reset button on the wireless access point for 20 seconds. It will remove all the settings and load the factory default settings. That will make sure the passowrd is restored to the default password 1234.